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Pushing the letterIn 2012 04months 18daysTo related people:As Eaton of Singapore International School, very glad to recommend to you * * *.In 2011February to2011December, in the present school full-time work, its position as the school nurse.

1.She was hurt badly in the car accident,but she recovered soon since she was always in a good condition.2.Read his article carefully and then tell me your opinion.


I have contacted their company to see whether they could dedect or free charge this expenses for your selling request this time.I will come back to you as soon I got reply from them.

without metal tools,beasts of burden or even the wheel they were able to construct vast cities across a huge jungle landscape with an amazing degree of architectural perfection and variety. 没有金属制工具 野兽图腾甚至是他们可以使用的轮状物可以凭借令人叹为观止的完美的和多种多样的建筑学技能建造穿越巨型丛林地带的巨大城市 大概是游戏里的吧

look at this picture,please.this is apicture of my family.请看这张照片,这张照片是我的全家福. in the picture,you can see an old man and an old woman.你在照片里看到的这两位老人,they are my grandfather and geandmother.他们是我的爷爷奶

英译汉,在线急等,谢谢 回答 2 5 法律论文摘要部分,英译汉,急~在线等 回答 2 1 问: 哪种翻译器准确啊?谁可以帮到我??急!!! 答: 谷歌相对好点,但是翻译整段文章基本什么软件都不行,就

Six 六 One can hardly do anything without a friend. 没了朋友寸步难行 Helping one out of trouble and bringing happiness,love and sunshine to a lonely heart, that's a true friend can do. 真正的朋友可以帮我排忧解难,给我带来快乐,让我孤寂的心

Red pool tunnel suijiang line shore section railroad tunnel to 2000, mudanjiang, this design engineering revamping/import and export all USES tunnels DongMen crosswise type hats, in order to achieve beautiful and requirements. This tunnel

1:这所围墙内是死囚临刑前的监房,32英尺高的砖墙围来绕在四周,这所建于1848年的牢房里关押着1700名死刑犯,这里也是执自行死刑的地方,因此被称为“死亡之屋”.2:“我们2113对于处决犯人这类事情或许有点麻木了”,库克尔(音译5261)坦言.“我似乎可以断定,一个普通的4102 亨茨维尔 土著抗议者相对于其他地区的人来讲,被1653判处死刑的可能性较小.”【for reference only】


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