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Air vEnt mount

magnetic air vent mount 磁性空气排气孔 magnetic air vent mount 磁性空气排气孔

air vent plug的中文翻译 air vent plug 排气塞 双语例句 1 Clearance of ejector pin is used to vent little quantity air or the part may intervenewith vent plug and ejector pin. 推杆间隙排气用于排气量不大或者开设排气塞会与推出机构...

air outlet [英][eə(r) ˈautlet][美][er ˈaʊtˌlɛt] 送风口,出风口; 网络 回风口; 空气排出口; 出风口; 双语例句 1 A leeward side of the box is provided with at least one air outlet having a vent check va...


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