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do you mind to meet? 想不想见见?i came from USA 我从美国来and visiting China 到中国i have called you before 我给你打过电话My name is Jim我是...

小题1:A小题2:B小题3:A小题4:A小题5:A 试题分析:本文叙述了Peter Smith来自美国,他喜欢打篮球和排球。Jack Liu是中国人,,他想和讲英语的学生交谈,他们在周五下午都有空,可以相见。小题1:细节理解题。根据I am Peter Smith. I am from the...


USA field place North America central section ,east face Atlantic Ocean ,the north being near to Canada ,meet Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico in the south.Subordinate Alaska is located in the North America northwest part ,Hawaii ...

搜索What Else Is There-Royksopp,过了快5年了,不知道还看得到么。

美国女人开放, 直接上就可以了, 要热情奔放, 别腼腆, 祝你成功!

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以下这个表很全,左边是英国,右边是美国的说法。 BRITISH TO AMERICAN Accumulator (automotive) = battery, car battery Alsatian (dog) = German shepherd Articulated lorry = tractor-trailer (truck), a "semi" Ass = donkey; U.S. ass = ...


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