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是不是JAZZ风格的?应该就是SONG FOR YOU这首歌 MICHAEL BUBLE翻唱过的 歌词如下 Song For You Featuring Chris Botti I've been so many places In my life and time I've sung a lot of songs I've made some bad climbs I've acted out my life in

歌曲名:My Song For You歌手:Bandari专辑:春野(One Day In Spring)纯音乐http://music.baidu.com/song/1784610


《a song for you》是Leon Russell于1970发行的专辑《Leon Russell》中收录的歌曲.《Leon Russell》是Leon Russell发行的首张个人专辑.其中的《A Song for You》成为他最为人熟知的歌曲,而且被无数歌手翻唱.A SONG FOR YOU(

you're the one - charli xcxdancing, in the darknesspink and lilackeep the silencecrystals on the skylinecut the midnightalterable lityou're the one who can make me stayyou're the only one who makes me feel this wayyou're the one that's been stealing

love me for me -Ashley tisdaleI'm not the girl that you see in the magazinePerfect face and perfect bodyNever be anyone but the one I am what I amI can't bend to your expectationsLook to fulfill any fantasyIf what I am is what you needLove me for

Human Sarcrifice - Sweetbox Hey come on, come on 嘿 来吧 来吧 Do you still remember 你是否记得 when you promised me 你曾承诺会给我 the perfect love 完美的爱情 And I gave you everything 我给了你我的一切 and still you said it wasn't

歌曲名:Song For You [Live From Madison Square Garden]歌手:Michael Bublé专辑:Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square GardenSong For YouFeaturing Chris BottiI've been so many placesIn my life and timeI've sung a lot of songsI've made

歌曲名称:Song For You歌手:Big Time Rush所属专辑:24/Seven发行时间:2013-06-11歌曲时长:3分15歌词:Waking up from another dayI'm feeling so insaneCause ever since I saw your faceI got it tattooed on my brainDid you know that you

Song For You - Alexi Murdoch Tag:Song For You Alexi Murdoch So today I wrote a song for you Cause a day can get so long And I know its hard to make it through When you say theres something wrong So Im trying to put it right Cause I want to love


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