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2e Role-play the conversation. Woman: Can I help you? Mary: Yes, please. I need a sweater for school. Woman: OK. What color do you want? Mary: Blue. Woman: How about this one? Mary: It looks nice. How much is it? Woman: Nine do...

When people get sick, they will go to see the doctor. The most common thing the doctor says is that to drink more water. Most people don’t put it in their hearts, thinking it is just useless. But drinking more water indeed brin...


unit4 section A 3a unit4 sectionB 3a unit7 section A 3a 都是一些搭配题耶!但有7B3A的: Johnny Dean's New Look:Do you remember Johnny Dean,the pop singer with funny glasses ,and long curly hair?Well now he has a new look.He does...


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